Registration for the WUT Doctoral School’s courses in the Summer semester 2022/2023


Tech-Athon 2023

Doctoral seminar

Doctoral students who want to participate in the seminar are required to sign up for the “Doctoral seminar” class.

Doctoral students who plan to present their paper should choose the groups from 1 to 7 depending on the scope of their presentation.

Doctoral students who want to participate in the seminar but choose not to present a paper are required to choose the group no. 100 (Auditors).


After the registration process is over, the participants will receive information concerning the particulars of the seminar from the group teacher.


ATTENTION: Seminar groups below 6 doctoral students won’t be launched. Those who signed up for such a group will be able to join another group.



 Methodology of teaching

   Pursuant to the Warsaw University of Technology Doctoral School programme, “Methodology of teaching” (in Polish or English version) is an obligatory class that has to be completed during the first year of education. The class includes 10 hours of lecture, 2*10 hours of workshop/project, 15 hours of co-teaching.


   During the first phase of registration, the doctoral students interested in participating in the class should apply through the USOS system (for Polish or English version of the class).


   The registration for the lecture and particular workshops/projects will start in the USOS system on October 10, 2022 at 20:00 and will end on October 13, 2022 at 23:59.


Methodology of teaching info


   A separate registration will be initiated in the USOS system for the lecture and workshops/projects within the “Methodology of teaching” class (Polish and English versions). During this registration doctoral students will be able to register only for 3 activities (lecture + 2 workshops/projects).


   The registration will be available only for doctoral students registered for the “Metodologia prowadzenia zajęć dydaktycznych” class with the 4606-PW-0000000-0083 code or „Methodology of teaching” class with the 4606-EW-0000000-0084 code.


   As the lecture and the workshops/projects are a part of the „Metodologia prowadzenia zajęć dydaktycznych” class or „Methodology of teaching” class, it won’t be possible to attach them.


   After the lecture and all the projects/workshops are completed, the division into particular workshops/projects will be hidden. Passing credits will be assigned to „Metodologia prowadzenia zajęć dydaktycznych” class and „Methodology of teaching” class.