About us

PhD Students Office was established on August 15, 2019 as a result of the closing down of the section of doctoral studies of the Department of Studies, taking over its duties. After the establishment of Doctoral Schools, PhD Students Office also undertook administrative service of the newly admitted PhD students, along with the secretaries of Doctoral Schools.

A detailed list of issues we are happy to help with is included in the ‘Who to contact’ section

The office is located in ‘Pałacyk’ at Koszykowa 80.

Contact us via general e-mail address dod@pw.edu.pl or individually:


Head: mgr Anna Poskrobko, room 1, anna.poskrobko@pw.edu.pl

Deputy Head: mgr Magdalena Skibicka, room 3, magdalena.skibicka@pw.edu.pl, tel. 7041


mgr Monika Krysik, room 3, monika.krysik@pw.edu.pl, tel. 7041 (foreign PhD students)

mgr inż. Anna Ozdarska, room 4, anna.ozdarska@pw.edu.pl, tel. 6330, 6404

mgr Magdalena Pogorzelska-Szrajber, room 4, magdalena.szrajber@pw.edu.pl, tel. 6330, 6404

mgr Dorota Więckowska-Turek, room 4, dorota.wieckowska@pw.edu.pl, tel. 6330, 6404


Financial service of Doctoral Schools:

mgr Joanna Skłodowska, room 16,  joanna.sklodowska@pw.edu.pl