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Why WUT?

If your goal is to undertake research and obtain a doctoral degree, Warsaw University of Technology is a place offering really great opportunities in this regard such as:

  • wide variety of scientific disciplines, within which your thesis can be realized, along with an experienced and professional academic staff providing effective substantive support 
  • ease of establishing contacts between a candidate for the Doctoral School and his/her potential supervisor – thanks to the availability of an intuitive supervisor database
  • the possibility to realize the thesis in a formula tailored to the needs and capabilities of each candidate, including projects and programs such as Implementational doctorate, Cotutelle etc.

Admissions 2024Z

The registration of candidates will be conducted via the IRK system www.irk.pw.edu.pl from June 4, 2024.

IRK – registration guidelines

IRK – registration guidelines

Rekrutacja 2022L - wytyczne dla kandydatrów

Przewodnik dla kandydatów do Szkoły Doktorskiej

Supervisor database

One of the first things you ought to do before being admitted to the Doctoral School, is finding a candidate for a supervisor.

Admission within projects

Candidates who have obtained a scholarship of at least the same amount as the doctoral scholarship, granted for no less than 3 years from the date of potential commencement of education at the Doctoral School, may apply for admission to the Doctoral School. Recruitment of such candidates may occur within the dates provided for in the recruitment schedule for a given academic year and outside of them, particularly when this is justified by the assumptions of the project or program under which the person is applying to the Doctoral School.