Information for the participants of the ‘Implementation Doctorate’ program

1. Trilateral agreement

The agreement is concluded between three parties: PhD student, partner (PhD student’s employer), and the university. The template of the agreement is shared with PhD students via e-mail in the domain after signing the financing agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science. 

The agreement is made in three identical copies. If the template offered by the University needs modifications, the document is considered and accepted by legal department. 

Signing the trilateral agreement is a prerequisite to get a scholarship in the first year of participation in the program.  


2.  Scholarship

Each participant of Doctoral School not having a doctoral degree receives a doctoral scholarship. At the moment, the participants of ‘Implementation doctorate’ program are given a scholarship in the amount of PLN 3 450.00. Important! After a month ended with a positive result of mid-term evaluation, the scholarship is increased to PLN 4 450.00.  
Doctoral scholarship is paid for a maximum period of 4 years, provided that the PhD students’ yearly reports are approved by the Ministry.
Until the yearly report is accepted by the Ministry, the University provides scholarship in the amount given for PhD students who are not the participants of the program. After receiving information about the acceptance of the yearly report by the Ministry, the difference between the subsidy and the implementation scholarship amount is paid, with compensation from October of the given academic year.  

3.  Teaching practice

In order to meet the needs of the participants of the program, the alternative forms of conducting teaching practice were introduced, allowing for realizing them at PhD student’s workplace.
Recommended forms of teaching practice include:

  1. conducting classes;
  2. co-conducting classes;
  3. supporting academic teachers in preparing materials for the courses, such as:
    • preparing lecture materials,
    • preparing measuring stations,
    • developing remote practical classes,
    • developing laboratory instructions,
    • co-conducting parts of classes’
  4. supervision over interns in the workplace (confirmed by a person authorized to represent the entity and containing information on the time burden of the PhD student);
  5. supervision over theses (support in conducting research, writing publications etc.);
  6. conducting trainings/courses in workplace of the implementation doctorate participants (confirmed by a person authorized to represent the entity and containing information on the time burden of the PhD student)
  7. coordination of study visits for students in the workplace of the implementation doctorate participants (confirmed by a person authorized to represent the entity and containing information on the time burden of the PhD student)


4. Yearly report

Yearly report is a document submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science in order to verify progress made by PhD student in his implementation doctorate. The template is shared with PhD students via e-mail in the domain
Within the given deadline, PhD students send their yearly reports to After initial verification, the PhD student may be asked to fill in missing information or to correct them. If the report is formally correct – the documents are submitted to the Ministry via OSF system. Reports are verified by the ministerial experts what usually takes several months. PhD students are informed about the need to correct the report on the request of the Ministry, immediately after getting such a request.
Yearly report includes three parts:


1) Part 1 à general information about the doctorate

In this part, general information and the stage of conducting the dissertation should be given, in compliance with the individual research plan, indicating the complexity expressed as a % from the beginning of the doctorate.

2) Part 2 à description of the progress made within the doctorate

The progress in scientific and implementation activities has to be presented in the same way in the yearly report and in IRP/documents for mid-term evaluation.
Important! If there are discrepancies in the documents mentioned above or the progress is not consistent, the report will not be accepted.  
The documents confirming the promotion of research and implementation works include conference speeches, publications and patents. Certificates of completing courses or other types of qualifications improvement are not documents confirming the promotion of research and implementation works.  
Please note that the system accepts only 3 attachments in the size of 10 MB each.  
If the PhD student does not have such documents, (s)he must submit a statement explaining this fact.

3) Part 3 à the stage of conducting the doctorate

In this part of the report an information whether the doctorate is being conducted in compliance with the assumptions/schedule shall be included. In case of any changes or delays, the reason must be given along with the proposed solution.

Important! It is possible to justify all the changes and explaining the problematic aspects in this part of the report.

The report needs to include the opinion of a supervisor and the advisor from the company.

Both opinions have to refer to the accomplished scientific and implementation works, information about getting credits for courses is irrelevant for the Ministry, so please skip them.

Supervisor’s and advisor’s opinions must be individual and refer to the scientific (supervisor) or implementation (assistant from the company) activities, they cannot have the same content.


5.  Modifications in the realization of doctorate

All the modifications introduced to implementation doctorate, especially the change of:  

  • supervisor
  • advisor
  • subject of the doctorate
  • discipline
  • basis of employment
  • employer

must be agreed with the Ministry.
If any of the abovementioned modifications need to be made, please contact PhD Students Office. In order to make it easier for PhD students to apply for modifications, a template will be offered in the following weeks, specifying the scope of data and documents that must be submitted in order to proceed the case to the Ministry.